Lebanese Roaster was established in 1978 as the first roaster that was serving customers in Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We laid the base to create and ever-expanding network of approved reliable suppliers. We travelled to the corners of Levantine countries; we determined that Lebanese Roaster is always able to offer the best products directly from the right sources. We secured fresh products that reflect our heritage, from the right producers. Since Lebanese Roaster was the first in Abu Dhabi, the founders made sure there was no compromise on quality, while prices remained competitive and within reasonable budget of all customers. The legacy echoes “LOVING IT TO PIECES “


At Lebanese Roaster, our vision is to expand, innovate, maintain quality in everything we do and to embrace opportunities that allow us to continue building on the Lebanese Roaster success story. At the same time be a champion for specialty in nuts and coffee around the world, making it accessible and approachable to all.


We are committed to be the market leaders in our business through dedication to our customers and employees. We will strive to continue serving our customers with authentic and fresh products of Lebanese Roaster, exciting innovative ideas along with high level of customers service.


Along with trust and loyalty. Our reputation is built on selling high quality products that taste good. However big we become; we will always uphold this promise.